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As the name point of origin suggests, we put the focus on going back to the origin. The reason the company was founded is that we take our actions very seriously and that we are deeply convinced to help other companies in becoming more successful. We want them to offer better customer experience, to understand their customers, enhance ROI and be more effective on the whole.


We work with the most modern business technologies worldwide and offer our customers a Europe wide unique package of predictive, monitoring, measuring and analytic technologies (as SaaS or on premise). For our renown customers we develop – on the basis of our IT solutions – cross-industry technology strategies tailored to business objectives, brand, market position, customer needs, cost structure and margins.
We support you in identifying and defining new strategies and solutions. In joint workshops we cooperate with you and your employees to find new solution approaches and present the required technology live in our business transformation lab.
Digital revolution changes everything: for your end customers, for employees, for everyone. Every digital transformation demands that every business owner slowly but surely adapts oneself to the new age. This might imply, for example, to come up with new ideas, new structures or new technologies. And in this very process we will support our customers of many different industries. Actually, it is not that complicated.
In the beginning there was luck. A person buys an apple from a specific dealer because he or she likes the vendor or the apple’s taste. That was point of origin. Now we want to ensure that companies do not forget what it is actually all about when they communicate with their customers or employees.
Marketing Consulting & Consumer Intelligence GmbH


Himmelpfortgasse 19
1010 Wien
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Goldschlagstraße 172
Stiege 6, 3. Stock
1140 Wien
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Rietstrasse 50
8702 Zollikon
T +41 43 499 61 44


44 Tehama St
San Francisco
CA 94105, USA
T +14157679278


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