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Ab dem 10. März findet die jährliche South by Southwest statt. Die weltweit größte Digitalmesse in Austin/ Texas verändert Blickweisen und verschiebt Horizonte. Das Festival, welches zurecht das "Woodstock der Digitalkultur" genannt wird, ist das wichtigste Treffen für "digital creatives". Wir organisieren nicht nur eine Gruppenreise für österreichische Firmenkunden, sondern berichten auch live vor Ort.

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Future of Retail: The On-Demand, Peer Economy

By Aarthi Ramamurthy (Lumoid), Tim Chang (Mayfield Fund) & Steve El-Hage (Massdrop)

Retail, meet collaborative consumption. Pioneers of the sharing economy, like Zipcar and Airbnb, understand today’s consumers: we want access over ownership, and we want it now. More and more brands are tapping into this technology-impelled model for retail, offering services like peer-to-peer closet-sharing and the option to try-before-you-buy products. It’s a nod to the immense purchasing power of millennials––and their unique perspectives on consumption. It’s also a sweeping transformation of the retail experience.

Chaos Monkeys: A Silicon Valley Adventure

By Antonio García-Martínez Chaos Monkeys

After stints on Wall Street and as CEO of his own Y Combinator startup, García Martínez joined Facebook’s nascent advertising team, turning its users’ data into profit for COO Sheryl Sandberg and chairman and CEO Mark “Zuck” Zuckerberg. He also fathered two children with a woman he barely knew, committed lewd acts and brewed illegal beer on the Facebook campus (accidentally flooding Zuckerberg's desk), lived on a sailboat, raced sport cars on the 101, and enthusiastically pursued the life of an overpaid Silicon Valley wastrel.

His new book 'Chaos Monkeys' is an unfiltered memoir of life inside the Silicon Valley machine, with every character named and underhanded maneuver revealed.

The Rise in Female Led New Ventures

Yumi Clark, Deepti Sharma Kapur, Kristina Guerrero Sylvester and Alethia Mendez Grameen

Various studies show that women are progressing in the business world. In the 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, 11.3 million U.S. businesses are currently owned by women, and an average of 1,000 new female-owned companies are being started every day. While there are a number of great advancements for women entrepreneurs, challenges still remain. This session will uncover the larger macro-economic trends of women-owned businesses by examining real-world examples of what it takes for women to run a successful business.

Filling the Gap: Small Steps Lead to Great Change

By Jessica VanMersbergen (Capital One)

Our culture and workplaces are evolving, fast. This session on Unconscious Bias Awareness will provide tips on how to break stereotypes, bring the differences between men and women and other types of difference to the surface, and share ways that we all can create a culture of inclusion.

What Do Unicorns, Smallpox & Beer Have in Common?

By Brynn Moynihan Rubicon Project

Join this session as Brynn Moynihan discusses the circumstances in which "disruptive innovations” have taken place throughout human history and takes a look at the watershed moments and radical inventions that have shaped society, from early unicorns like the first vaccine to, wait for it... beer. This session takes a look at the key elements that have catalyzed disruptive innovation throughout time, and explores how to incorporate these elements into the culture of a company. The history of disruptions shows us that almost every major breakthrough follows a wild convergence of ideas and a period of dissent, so how can we mimic that “radical convergence” within a company?

Tradeshow SXSW

Get inspired by innovation

The Trade Show encourages targeted connections and new discoveries through niche pavilions including Come & Capture, Future of Food, The Sport Spot, The MedTech Pavilion, and many more to be revealed.

Experience IBM


Explore how IBM is making essential aspects of your life better, then pick up our tools and create a world changing idea of your own.

Moral Issues in Designing for Behavior Change

Raphaela O'Day (Johnson & Johnson Health & Wellness Solutions) & Amy Bucher (MadPow)

Motivational science says that to engage people in behavior change, we must respect and support their autonomy—their ability to make what experts may think is the wrong choice. Let's explore boundaries and limitations of this science. When do business goals take precedence over user goals? When does expertise warrant deviating from what the user wants? When does possibly achieving a greater good justify a design that “nudges” a user’s course of action? Two behavior change design experts will tackle this question from the perspectives of clinical psychology, motivational psychology, and behavior change design. You will learn about pros and cons of volitional support versus expert guidance.

Retail’s Future: Community = Commerce

Sonja Rasula (Unique Markets)

Everything consumers want is available at their fingertips, just a click away. But as our cultural addiction to devices grows, so does a major movement that is impacting shopping habits – a rejection of the impersonal. Consumers are craving human connection and community. The future of retail must include interaction and involvement, without the use of a screen, to survive.

Retailers and brands who can provide a live, personal, unique shopping experience will thrive. Community building, curation, story-telling, and one-on-one conversation is crucial for success. Creating a truly interactive, unique experience – one that truly resonates with customers - has never been so important.

Mythbusters: How IBM Watson "Really" Works

By Rob High (IBM Watson)

Artificial intelligence? A system that reasons and learns? Natural language queries? Domain knowledge on any industry based on training from experts? Yes, IBM Watson is all this and more! You've seen some of the incredible results, but how does Watson actually do what it does? Rob High, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for IBM Watson, will highlight Watson's unique combination of technologies that enable it to ingest the same kind of information we humans use, evaluate it at scale, learn from experts, and deliver responses with confidence.

Bots Best Practices

By Omar Siddiqui (Kiwi Inc/Sequel) & Laura Newton (Kik)

Bots were one of the biggest trends in 2016. Facebook Messenger, Slack and Kik all launched bot platforms, and it’s been exciting to see the interest from small to big brands like Sephora, Vine and United. While the industry is bullish on bots, the current experiences have not lived up to the hype. The good news? It’s still early days, and there’s plenty of time to build a bot and help shape the future of chat.

This session will share insights into how to build good bots, drawing from years of industry experience building bots and working with various bot developers.

The Colors of Design Cultures

By Kit Oliynyk (Capital One)

Calling people “UX ninjas” and “UI gurus” is easy. Building design culture at large scale is hard. All designers are different; we have unique skillsets and personalities. It’s vital for design leaders to help designers grow and evolve professionally, while partnering them in a meaningful way to complement each other’s strengths. This session is about how Capital ONE Design is doing this, how they are making design talent assessments that don’t make people shoot themselves, and the framework that’s guiding them along the way. P.S. If you’re a Magic nerd, you’re so gonna love this!

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