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“Do good things and talk about them" (Walter Fischer): This quote is still true. Press commentaries are considered to be a mouthpiece – an opinion in the framework of a press organ. And there might exist the possibility to make information accessible to everyone with a certain interest on a specific topic. As we love change, we like talking about it. 


trend - 20.02.2018

Digitalization as enemy: A country is falling behind

In trend Andreas Hladky writes about risks and chances of digitalization. To focus only on negative aspects of current changes shows Austria's unwillingness to actively take part in changing the digital world. But we can not ignore digitalization. If we do not use and change technology actively, we will pay as a society. 



Extra Journal - 14.02.2018

More than bitcoin

The blockchain technology gives you great opportunities – also and straight beyond the financial sector. The "unambiguous chain of identification" has fueled the ideas of thousands of consultants and investors, because distributed ledger technologies could solve a fundamental problem of our digital world by simply identifying digital content and physical objects, and making them clearly identifiable to an owner.



Trending Topics - 13.02.2018

The surprising future of online shopping 

Andreas Hladky shows the future of online shopping in a guest article. The classic e-commerce website, which does not differentiate anything, will disappear as well as the historic telecom dial-in portal for the World Wide Web has disappeared.



Digital City Vienna - 12.02.2018

It´s getting a tight one in e-commerce – the future of online shopping will give you thrills

We will not check in on an e-commerce site every week to buy pizza dough and toilet paper. We will order these products based on the situation, regardless of whether they are installed in devices, or with Alexa, Siri or other wizards. If we forget things, these systems will be nonsensical.


Kurier - 08.02.2018

Where David can tell the Goliaths to fight

The world is spinning faster - especially the digital world. Big enterprises like Amazon outpace smaller companies with sophisticated logistics. Andreas Hlakdy gives an expert interverview on the future of e-commerce.




Die Presse - 14.01.2018

Newcomers are in big trouble

Andreas Hladky in an interview on the subject of digital transformation. Some digitalization managers start their new job these days. It is to be feared that they will have little pleasure. Because others before them didn´t do their job right.



point of origin pressestimmenRetail

Future commerce: mail order business day with highly valued speakers

Trade association brought the Chinese tycoon of ecommerce, Alibaba, to the Austrian stage. In the panel discussion Nicole Prieller talks about the danger of mixing up ecommerce and digital transformation” ... in order to implement the digital gene in the company’s structure you need much more than an online shop.”



point of origin pressestimmenleadersnet

SME night of ideas at Erste Bank:

At the SMW night of ideas, Nicole Prieller co-founder of point of origin presents inspiring innovations from all over the world – especially for small and medium sized enterprises.


point of origin pressestimmen retail

point of origin: trade discussion: do data pave a way for trade?

Andreas Hladky founder of point of origin grounded the visitors by clarifying what the foundation of every big data project really is: data quality.



customers with google

point of origin: marketing optimization & Google AdWords

point of origin uses marketing automation tools in a targeted way and optimizes marketing activities of their customers. Google plays an important role in this process.


point of origin pressestimmenupdate

Why a 360-customer view is important

“Decisions have to be taken based on real customer interaction”. Nicole Prieller, CEO of point of origin in an interview with an update about implementation strategies of multichannel ecommerce.


point of origin pressestimmenWerbeplanung.at

Digital business transformation

James McQuivey, vice president of Forrester Research and author of “Digital Disruption”, talks about digital challenges for modern business management at the point of origin business executive round table in Vienna.


point of origin pressestimmenHorizont

Entailment 2015: digital trade on the upswing

Current challenges and developments of online trade were the centre of attention during the entailment 2015 in Vienna. Forrester Research analyst Michelle Beeson held the opening keynote and point of origin CEO Andreas Hladky talked at the “Data Driven Commerce” panel about how to properly use big data.


point of origin pressestimmenWerbeplanung.at

Possibilities of big data in marketing

At the panel “Data Driven Commerce – The end of gut feeling” – point of origin's CEO Andreas Hladky held an impulse speech at the Vienna expert conference “entailment” (February 23-25) on how to properly use big data


point of origin pressestimmenmedianet

IBD award for point of origin

point of origin was given the IBD award for the most successful Forrester Research partner worldwide. Agency co-founder and CEO Andreas Hladky was personally handed the award in Boston.



point of origin pressestimmenWerbeplanung.at

point of origin is best Forrester Research partner worldwide

The agency was awarded with the IBD award in Boston: “We are very proud of this award. It is a recognition of our service orientation and encourages us to continue following the path together with Forrester Research,” says CEO Andreas Hladky.


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