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Nicole Prieller

Human first. Digital Follows. LEARN MORE

Andreas Hladky

Keeping up instead of persevering. Personalize in all channelsLEARN MORE

Katrin Mittendrein

Drive Change or it will drive you!LEARN MORE

Gertraud Haas

Das Bessere ist der Feind des Guten.LEARN MORE

Nina Krimplstätter

If you can dream it, you can do it.LEARN MORE

Christina Kern

Culture eats strategy for breakfast.LEARN MORE

Fritz Krassnitzer

It's easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference.LEARN MORE

Julia Kühweidner

I love seeing a plan working outLEARN MORE

Rudolf-Bernd Gruber

Social competence is the key qualification to personal and professional successLEARN MORE

Bernadette Fellner

Communication is key.LEARN MORE

Markus Sabri

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.LEARN MORE

Anna-Carmen Perianu

Never touch a running systemLEARN MORE

Martina Luh

Watching closely and listening carefully is the key to clear objectives and successful communication.LEARN MORE

Christina Perissutti

Research is formalized curiosityLEARN MORE

Elisabeth Rössner

Problem talk creates problems, solution talk creates solutions.LEARN MORE

Markus Suritsch

Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticationLEARN MORE

Laura Djongoff

One who is not curious will not learn anything.LEARN MORE

Andreas Habicher

Successful communication connects living personalities.LEARN MORE

Birgit Ecker

Creativity is intelligence having funLEARN MORE

Sarah Gammel

You can do anything.LEARN MORE

Therry Weidinger

If everyone likes what you are doing, you are doing it wrongLEARN MORE

Maximilian Rieger

Design is thinking made visual.LEARN MORE

Elmar Rudelstorfer

Clients' needs count - IT is only a tool LEARN MORE

Sabine Senft

Be patient, everything is difficult before it gets easy. LEARN MORE

Michaela Hocek

Those who do not tell customers what they want to hear, write, blog and tweet achieve common goals carrying weightLEARN MORE

Gabriel Seidl da Fonseca

One who thinks small stays small.LEARN MORE
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