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Bernadette Fellner

Bernadette FellnerHead of Innovation & Technology


Communication is key.

Bernadette disposes of a broad expertise in various facets of the digital landscape due to her education in digital media and technical management. Her passion is not only conception and design, but she also gained a lot of insights in the dark side of the force such as programming, IT safety, databases and statistics.

Bernadette’s valuable combination of design expertise as well as technical know-how has often and in the framework of many projects proved as binding link between different project worlds and is a vital aspect when it comes to solving interdisciplinary tasks. Before working for point of origin she was project manager and conceptionist and consulted many different customers in the fields of pharmacology, energy, FMCG and government.

At point of origin she advises clients from different industries in the field of business transformation by applying her vast expertise with pinpoint accuracy.

What she likes

Trying out new things, duct tape, travels, rock faces, cliché breakers, good books, having a plan b, chocolate

What she dislikes

Unfriendliness, mushrooms & olives, Jakarta, Viennese winter, proprietary systems

Bernadette FellnerHead of Innovation & Technology

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