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Cultural Transformation

Cultural Transformation Consulting

Willingness to change as the key success factor in digital transformation.

In times of constant innovation, changing market conditions and customer needs to strategically implement digital solutions there is one key success factor: Cultural Transformation or the ability to overcome silos, frozen structures and yesterday´s thinking.
We at pointoforigin help to create the flexible corporate culture and value development that is needed in our era of artificial intelligence, digital service design and customer obsession. We provide support with digital change frameworks that have been designed to adress all the communication- and organizational needs of digital change projects across various industries and topics.

„Human first – digital follows“: In such an environment there is one big challenge for each company and this is dealing with the uncertainties on the market and the highest demands of the customers.

The „Human Factor“ is going to play the most important role in the age of digitalization and thats why it should be key not to loose employees along the journey. We proactively support our customers with an integrated approach through the whole change process.


Consulting Fields

Cultural Support:
We accompany software implementation projects with an expedient solution and our professional team, by testing the present structures, processes and skills and match them with the needed requirements in the future setting.
We provide full support by the internal and external roll – out with communication planning and people empowerment.

Innovation & Change Management:
Together with our diversified partner- and expert network and global collaboration partners, we develop longterm innovation processes and new business models and support our clients through the thrilling times of change.
We are offering personalized toolkits, by creating creative and innovative analytics methods and maturity measurements, to identify excitisting strengths, potentials and weaknesses to work on a common vision.
We offer cultural prototyping session in our innovation labs and create innovative strategies to differentiate and grow through better services or products.

Operational Excellence:
Internal knowledge building- and transfer is getting increasingly important for companies – that’s why we´ve created platforms for innovative trainings and coachings for employees and management members.
By a mix of modern technology and newly learnings formats, we are able to bundle all the information and put it to right through the relevant departments.
In our digital traininigs and coachings we impart core competencies in digital leadership and change, which are necessary to drive through change and win the market.

Employee Experience:
In our “Employee Experience” projects we cocreate innovative and highly personalized concepts within the employee journey to improve existing recruiting, communication, employer brand and people development processes. With our loyalty programs, learning journeys and Incentice Events, we enable a long term employee satisfaction and retention.

Data – Driven HR:
We can offer a perfect overview of the HR Tooling market, Social Engagement- and Collaboration Technologies and do help to implement them as well.



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