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Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Offer every client the maximum experience at any time

The Adobe Marketing Cloud is one of the most comprehensive and innovative marketing suite-solutions currently on the market. It entails everything marketers might need to gain deep insights in customer behaviour, design personalized campaigns as well as manage content and assets quick- and easily. The marketing cloud by industry leader Adobe all in all consists of eight tools with which you can offer your customer the perfect customer experience.  

The marketing cloud includes the following core functions:

  • Analytics: gather, analyse and use your customer data in real time and in all marketing channels. Transfer your data in useful insights and measure how your marketing campaign and channels influence customer acquisition. 
  • Audience Manager: develop clear target group profiles in order to detect the most profitable segments to be used for all digital channels.
  • Campaign: design consistent campaigns that work across all channels and by means of actions and preferences of your customers, send automated and individual messages on your marketing channels. 
  • Experience Manager: By means of Adobe’s comprehensive content management solution you will facilitate adequate customer experience by creating website, apps and forms and making content and asset management easier. 
  • Media Optimizer: foresee impacts of changes in your search, display- and social media ads and mange or rather automate your campaigns with a minimum of effort. Through this you will increase the chance of your ad being noticed.
  • Primetime: Adobe Primetime is a television platform helping TV stations, cable channels and service providers to create personalized television and movie experiences and at the same time monetize them – for nearly every display format.
  • Social: Boost the efficiency of your social media marketing. Use a central solution that helps you not only to manage likes and followers but also to create and publish social media content in order to visibly increase interaction with your target groups.
  • Target: Adobe Target is an intuitive personalised solution by means of which you will be able to detect the best content with A/B or multi-variant tests. Through this you will always be able to offer every single customer individual and customized experience.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Offer every client the maximum experience at any time

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