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Celum Digital Asset Management

Celum Digital Asset Management

Organise and share multi media data

Nowadays, every business struggles with huge amounts of multi media data. The challenge is not only producing and archiving digital assets but also using these at the right point in time on the right channel and at the same time addressing the right customers.

CELUM Enterprise is a complete solution offering marketing experts everything that helps them to implement a successful digital asset management (DAM) initiative. CELUM is a rotary disk for managing and distributing your digital assets (documents, audio files, images, videos, etc.) – no matter which format. Categorisation by means of Meta data helps to find every file quickly and to share it on different channels.

CELUM can be used via cloud, but also in-house (on premise). The intuitive and optically attractive user interface as well as the opportunities to smoothly integrate the DAM in external systems (such as ERP, CMS, CMR, PIM, ecommerce and social media) makes CELUM a leading provider in the field of enterprise content management. Marketing and creative experts rely on the CELUM functions ranging from productivity enhancement, rights management to data analysis.

The digital asset solution includes the following core functions:

  • Mass data management: simple upload and intuitive search function
  • Task- and version management: monitor and automate your creative working process 
  • Personalisation and expandability: tailor your solutions to your needs 
  • Success measurement: find out which content delivers good results on which channel and adapt your strategy accordingly

Celum Digital Asset Management

Organise and share multi media data

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