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From big data to big analytics

Analytics and industry insights for business decisions: not only B2C businesses such as trade, banks and insurance companies benefit from a wide range of data analysis methods. Our experts draw up targeted company analyses or customer behaviour- and customer buying behaviour analyses and provide you with the proper decision-making basis four your business model. In a business world full of digital challenges, B2B companies also rely on support of data-driven strategies and analyses. The latest online monitoring tools as well as social media listening lay the foundation for customer journey analyses and content marketing strategies. Real time data is essential in this process.

One who is not able to understand every aspect of his business will not be able to survive on the market and will be gone in 10 years time. This is not only Internet pioneer Tim Berners-Lee’s opinion, but also facts from business analysis prove this statement. Actually, we highly doubt that it is even possible to survive 10 years without the aforementioned knowledge.

Digital analyses support expertise and experience with observable customer data. Your gut feeling is only decisive for market success when it is combined with real analytical competence – on all levels!

Our offering


In designing dynamic client profiles, we will support you with live tracking and web analysis tools. Our experts will plan the consulting on the basis of

  • Historic customer data and current transaction data
  • Current analyses of customer flow
  • B2B industry insights and big data analyses

and identify micro-segments of customers that can subsequently be targeted across all channels in our own point of origin Business Transformation Lab.


point of origin is the first address when it comes to business intelligence and expertise. On the basis of

• Online monitoring and
• Expert advice

we will help you design a situation analysis on your current data and create a new data architecture if need be.

Smart data visualisation programmes and analysis tools are able to process and analyse data volume and save time you would have to spend going through sheer never-ending charts.


But this is only the beginning! Our business analytics experts evaluate online data analysis results, weigh facts and opinions, predict trends and reflect moods –industry specific in fact. Our tools analyse the whole online data traffic in real time for one year retrospectively. We are able to see developments live and thereby detect trends and changes on time. In the framework of our consulting you will benefit from competence of a web tracking and business intelligence agency combining expertise with the newest analysis tools.


For the first time, modern analysis methods enable to pose frequently asked and new questions. We will use known and innovative statistical models and cognitive analysis methods that are exclusively applied in Austria in full range by point of origin.

Make a non-binding initial consultation today – this meeting can take place in your company or in our point of origin business transformation lab in Vienna in the 14th district.

Our tools


Every minute hundreds of thousands of new documents, tweets, blogs and news are being published – public information that remains unnoticed by many companies. Many of those are merely overwhelmed by the flood of information and therefore do not process these highly valuable data. As a result, companies cannot react to valuable information on their clients, products, competitor and suppliers.

Do you want to know what your customers talk about online? This is the digital age’s central question. Point of origin Online Monitoring will have the very answer to this question. Sentiment analyses will inform you about customer perception of your products, strategy and company.

Targeted use of data science techniques such as crawling, scraping and parsing shows you which online channel is the most relevant for your target group.


While customer’s online behaviour can be analysed in detail, many aspects of in-store customer behaviour remain unnoticed. So you will surely lose unexpected optimisation potential.

Our in-store analytics enable to transmit digital world metrics to in-store customer behaviour. Through camera supported data analysis customer behaviour can be traced back from in-store traffic up to conversion rate.

In this process, we are able to obtain meaningful insights about success of advertising- and product strategies. Considering external information such as weather and competitor’s data, we are able to expand our in-store analytics to a multi-channel customer analysis.


You want to know how to best reach your customers in the digital world, how to increase conversions and use your marketing budget most effectively? Are you interested in how optimization measures influence current campaigns or how your target groups interact with digital touch points?

With point of origin tailored digital analytics tools you will get reliable answers to these questions by analysing, visualising and evaluating customer behaviour systematically and across all channels. We support you both in working out a digital analytics strategy and in implementing a reliable tracking setup. With the help of well-proven solutions such as IBM Digital Analytics, Webtrekk or Google Analytics you will always be able to keep an eye on the decisive figures and metrics. These can be detected through website visitors or use of search engines and apps, reach of display ads and influence on buying behaviour.


Analysis of transaction data enables learning more about your own customers.

Thanks to data science tools it is possible to process huge data volumes and contact customers more individually. Marketing return on investment will also be increased.

The repertoire of analyses offered by point of origin ranges from shopping cart analysis to RFM segmentation, calculation of customer lifetime value up to customer churns modelling. Customer churns modelling represents a technique to detect customers who you might lose.

In order to apply all of those techniques, point of origin uses state-of-the-art science technology and enables to combine client data with external data logistics.



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